Learning is a never-ending phenomenon.In this world composed of myriad¬†cultures and people, only a continuous endevour in learning can lead to global integration. And it is the responsibility of ever individual to work for global integration, since the problems that confront this planet are of everyone’s concern.

My experience of almost a decade as Principal of one of the premier schools in Delhi has taught me to learn. And has taught me to teach whatever I have learnt in the right perspective. It has taught me that the strength of the students is an invaluable resource of this planet. Together, the students of this world can make a difference to an endangered world, a difference, posterity would thank us for.

SDM Model School is a new beginning towards global thinking – a significant step towards a global responsibility. I am proud to be associated with an educational initiative and take upon the responsibility of creating World Citizens out of you – the student of SDM Model School.



The School would like to maintain a Close rapport with the parents. Parents can meet the Principal Between 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on any working day with prior appointment.