Sports field in the school campus4 and the adjacent large play field A well equipped sports room with amenities for indoor and out door activities Special training in specific indoor /outdoor games Library with Visual Studio

The media center is an interactive resource room that is more than just a library. Not only does it house a wide collection of books for all ages, it has sections devoted to CD-ROMs, videos and online learning. It has designated areas for individual study and small-group tuition, with modern conference facilities for larger numbers.

Exercise of Practical Life

The child is introduced initially to practical life as he/she is familiar with most of the materials at home but has not laid his/her hands over them. This attracts them to the activities that give them independence and control of their own life. This basically helps him/her to care for himself/herself and take care of his/her environment; helps him/her with his/her eye-hand co-ordination, and with his/her social behavior. The most important need of the young child is to develop his/her muscles and co-ordinate his/her movement through such practical life exercises. Special Montessori materials enable him/her to tie, button, snap and use many other fastening devices. The purpose of these exercises is to develop concentration and to pay attention to detail as the child follows a regular sequence of actions and to learn good working habits. These activities provide the very foundation on which the child approaches more intricate academic exercises.