About Us

The aim of  SDM Model School  is to provide Quality Education and also to promote the creative side of  children. Our focus is to provide the engaging enviornment to students where they can learn together to enhance their talent.Our curriculum is such where the school not only focuses on the kids academic growth but on the personal growth also.

At SDM Model School “ Creativity”  is the key and our staff members emphasize  on the same. In today’s competitive world it is important for a child to be prepared to face the challenges and for the same the foundation stone has to be right.We strongly supports our students in best possible manner to set their foot right.

Our classroom learning sessions are designed in a way where the kids get to learn about the group work, problem solving, sharing , role playing etc. Our staff is highly trained and always focuses on the students.We do a concious hiring while selecting the staff for our students.Our  school infrastructure is also designed in a way that the students should not face any issues while learning or studying.

Education is the right of every child and SDM Model School is taking every possible step towards the same. The School focuses on the overall development and growth of a child.We always encourage students to actively participate in extra Curricular Activities such as games, dance, group performances , drawing etc.

We always make sure that the students should get a home like environment and comfort at the school while they are away from their homes.We not only encourage students to participate but also their parents to be a part of their activities. This will helps to create a strong bond between them and they can understand their child interests very well.

One of the reasons why SDM Model School is now the most sought after pre-school in Uttam Nagar is because of the uniqueness in teaching method. The school uses globally recognized teaching methods and activities catering to different set of kids and their mindset. The interactive teaching environment keeping the mix of experimental, multi-sensorial and multi-Intelligence, allows our school to be the best in Uttam Nagar. We encourage our kids to mix up with others and explore varied activities.

The infrastructure at the SDM Model School is boosted with modern facilities like activity rooms, smart classrooms and other areas. This is to keep kids actively involved in different activities. Our staff is highly specialized in delivering education to kids according to their mindset. The play, learn and explore is the best that defines us.

We conduct different activities in the effective manner. Some of the activities are- celebration of festivals, functions, interschool, competitions, Inter house competitions, etc. Moreover, we also undertake writing test, fancy dress competition and other activities.

Our Core Values-

We at SDM Model School follow core values like love, joy, peace, patience, self-control & Quality Education. Our core values help us to make the best use of it helping kids to grow in positive environment.

Certified Teachers, Interactive atmosphere and good infrastructure are some of the features that make our pre-school the best in the town.


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